1.who we are?
we are the one of the biggest steroids supplier in china.and we have been doing steroids business in global for several years,since 2007.
our goal is to create a 100% pure,clean,and perfect bodybuilding for each of our customers.
meanwhile,to let all our clients could be satisfied with our pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

2.what products we sell?
steroids raws,semi-finished steroids oil,anti-estrogen hormone,SARMs powders,fat burner raws.

3.what payment methods we support?
western union,moneygram,bank transfer,bitcoins.

4.why don’t we accept payments via PayPal?
unfortunately we don’t accept payments via PayPal anymore. There are many websites saying they accept payment thought PayPal, but in fact all they do they hack pay pal accounts, and when you send them money you lose it and get nothing at all. It is against PayPal’s Terms of Use to utilize it for the sale of steroids. You CANNOT sell steroids and take PayPal as payment end of.

5.what shipping methods we have availale?

6.how to make a order? and how long do we ship in global?
after our clients sent the payment,then the tracking number and parcel pictures will be provided to our clients within 12 hours.uaually 3 to 6 days,the parcels could be ok on delivered.

7.how could we sent the parcel in discretion?
by discreet packages and secure shipping methods,it is very easy & fast to pass through the customs.
ofcourse,before we send the parcel to u,u need to let we know which country u are from,then we will use the safest packages to pack your parcels,to ship it to u in security and fastly.

8.do we sell any finished products,such as vials,capsules,or pills?
sorry to tell that we do not have any finished products available,but if our clients want to try it,we still provide the best professional labs machine and detailed Tutorial videos to guide our clients to make them,no problem.
meanwhile,we also help our clients to create their new brands,they are including for brands design,labs labels,boxes,injectables,pills productions.etc.

9.how to contact us with us?
u could send your inquirys to our email at info@shop-roids.com or u could call us by whatsapp/Telegram +8613302972905 directly.we are looking forward to have great business with u.