Anadrol VS Dianabol

Anadrol vs. Dianabol
Anadrol and Dianabol are similar in a lot of ways.
They both require aromatase inhibitors and liver support due to water retention and liver toxicity.
They both will put on mass and strength in a short time.
They both are great with pumps.
They both are oral anabolic steroids, which are popular for kickstarting purposes.
They are both highly androgenic and should not be used by females.

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the differences for Anadrol and Dianabol
Anadrol is non aromatizing, but dbol aromatizes strongly.
Anadrol is more toxic to the liver than the more mild Dianabol.
Anadrol was originally developed for medical reasons, while dbol was developed solely for athletic reasons.
Anadrol has a longer half life than Dianabol.
Anadrol’s side effects are much worse than dbol’s side effects.

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How to convert Anadrol,Dianabol raw powder into oral pill tablets,oral capsules?
how to make them? what ancillary raw materials do u need?
1. u need to prepare anadrol raw powder,dianabol raw powder;

2. u need to prepare powder mixer machines,pill tablets machines,filling capsule boards;

3.u need to prepare follow ancillary raw powders
corn starch powder
Microcrystalline cellulose powder
Magnesium stearate powder
Copolyvidone powder
Silica Di Oxide powder
Di-calicum Phosphate powder
dye powder

How to covert dianabol powder,anadrol powder into injectable steroids oil bases,water based suspensions?
1. u need to prepare anadrol raw powder,dianabol raw powder;
2. u need to prepare Benzyl benzoate,Benzyl alcohol,Guaiacol,Ethyl oleate,Grape seed oils,MCT oils,
sterile water,Tween 80;

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