How to calculate the specific substances proportions when u are making steroids oils?

When you’re going to make steroids oils, how do you calculate the proportion of each substance in steroid oils?
Let us check 2 examples of steroids oils proportion.

Example 1:  Testosterone Enanthate Steroid Oils 300mg/ml 500ml
Receipes formula:
Testosterone Enanthate Powder Powder 150g (112.5ml) 
Ethyl Oleate:138.75ml
Grape Seed Oil:138.75ml

(Note: Ethyl oleate : Grape Seed Oil = 50%:50% )

(1) when u are going to make Testosterone enanthate powder into testosterone enanthate oils,
how many grams do u need for testosterone enanthate powder?

Re: 300mg/ml*500ml=150g(Testosteron Enanthate)

Note:  1g powder≈0.75ml    150g Testosterone enanthate≈112.5ml

(2) how to calculate the other carrier oils proportion?
BA proportion — 8ml~10ml

Ethyl Oleate : Grape Seed Oil=half+half

What are the benefits of Ethyl Oleate?
1.Super solvent used for making high dosage oil-based steroid injections
2.Super solvent used for making oil-based stanozolol, dianabol, oxymetholone, trenbolone base injections.

Example 2: water based Winstrol suspensions 50mg/ml 1000ml
Receipes formula:
Winstrol Powder— 50g
Ps80(Polysorbate 80)
Sterile water (99% pure)

(1) when u are going to make winstrol powder into water based winstrol suspensions 50mg/ml,
how many grams do u need for winstrol powder?
Re: 50mg/ml*1000ml=50g (winstrol powder)

Note: 1g powder≈0.75ml   50g Testosterone enanthate≈37.5ml

(2) how to calculate the other carrier oils proportion?
Ps80  (please feel free to email us for more recipes details)

What are the applications of Ps80(polysorbate 80)?
polysorbate 80 is a polyol type nonionic surfactant. It is the most commonly used polysorbate. It has strong resistance to electrolyte and strong hydrophilicity. It is widely used in liquid, semisolid and solid preparations as O/W emulsifier, solvent, wetting agent, dispersant and stabilizer.

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How u can buy bitcoins online?

Why should u care about Bitcoin?

1.Your payment can’t be rejected – Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to get muscle-building research chemicals or post-cycle therapy compounds as quickly as possible, only to have your bank or credit card company reject the transaction. But Bitcoin isn’t governed by a bank or central authority, meaning your payment won’t be rejected by a bank, credit card company or merchant.

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3.Bitcoin is more secure than paying with a credit card – Another advantage of using Bitcoin is that it’s even more secure than the leading credit cards, meaning you don’t have to worry about hackers getting your information.

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Where’s the Best Place to set up Bitcoin?

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What websites can u buy bitcoins online?






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Compare SARMs liquid Suspensions with SARMs capsules,pills! how to make SARMs Liquid suspensions?

how to compare SARMs liquid Suspensions with SARMs capsules,pills?

1. some clients say the SARMs liquid Suspensions effects are more stronger than Oral SARMs capsules.

2. some clients say the SARMs oral capsules,pills effects are much better than oral SARMs liquid suspensions.

what do u think? which one will u choose for bobybuilding?

actually,no matter u choose SARMs liquid suspensions or SARMs oral capsules,pills.

both of them are suitable for powerful muscles bobybuilding,there is no more difference,expect for their appearance.

how to make oral SARMs Liquid Suspensions?
if u are going to make oral SARMs liquids suspensions,u will need Ethanol, DMSO, Ethanol,PEG400 mix,etc

if u wanna check more detailed receipes,please be free to email us or call us by whatsapp directly.

what oral SARMs liquid suspensions do we have on sale?
Ostarine(Mk-2866) Liquid Suspension                         30mg/ml
Ostarine(MK-2866) Liquid Suspension                         50mg/ml
Andarine(S-4) Liquid Suspension                                  25mg/ml
Mk-677(Ibutamoren Mesylate) Liquid Suspension      25mg/ml
Cardarine (Gw501516) Liquid Suspension                  10mg/ml
GW-501516(Cardarine) Liquid Suspension                  20mg/ml
LGD-4033 Liquid Suspension                                       10mg/ml
SR9009 Liquid Suspension Liquid Suspension            25mg/ml
RAD-140 Liquid Suspension Liquid Suspension         10mg/ml
Aicar Liquid Suspension           10mg/ml
Yk11 Liquid Suspension 10mg/ml
S-23  Liquid Suspension 25mg/ml
ACP-105 Liquid Suspension
AC-262536 Liquid Suspension


Arimidex Vs. Nolvadex

What are the mainly differences between Nolvadex and Arimidex?
Nolvadex would be better for use during post-cycle therapy, while the Arimidex would be better for use during the steroid cycle.

Legit Anti-estrogen Nolvadex powder for sale

Nolvadex is a serm. It blocks estrogen mainly in breast tissue but it does not get rid of it. It will still be floating in your system. You would still experience bloat and possibly high blood pressure and other high E2 side effects. Arimidex is an Aromatase inhibitor (AI). It helps to keep test from converting to estrogen. This will actually control your E2 levels, where as nolva will not. E2 levels in the lower normal range will help you deal with sides like high blood pressure, acne, bloat, sexual dysfunction, libido problems, etc. Nolvadex is best used during post cycle therapy (pct) when you are trying to kickstart your test production again. Arimidex is best used on cycle to control estrogen.

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Compare Nolvadex with Arimidex
While both medications are appreciated and considered to be effective with the condition, there is a great difference in the effect they produce. Taking Nolvadex during the cycle, you can prevent the undesirable impact of estrogen on your body. Thus, the treatment prevents gyno, edema, female pattern fat distribution and other conditions related to increased estrogen levels. Nolvadex works preventing estrogen binding to their receptors that leads to further estrogen death. Arimidex, in its turn, serves as an anti-estrogen drug that prevents estrogen production.
Thus, the main advantage of Arimidex over Nolvadex is in its action. While Arimidex bans Aromatase enzyme and prevents estrogen production, Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) just hinders estrogen receptors from getting estrogen. According to multiple researches and investigations, patients who strive to treat gyno should start with Arimidex, though have Nolvadex at hand all the time. However, despite the fact that Arimidex has a great effect decreasing estrogen production, it also affects cholesterol levels in the organism that can cause serious complications. Thus, starting with Arimidex you can lower estrogen production, but continuing the treatment course with Nolvadex you will balance your cholesterol levels and keep your health safe.

Winstrol Vs. Anavar Stanozolol Vs.Oxandrolone

What are the similarities and differences Between Winstrol and Anavar?

1. all these 2 products could be used for making water based is for winstrol suspensions 50mg/ml,another is for Anavar Suspensions 25mg/ml.

2. stanozolol powder and oxandrolone powder all could be used for making oral capsules,pills.

3. Anavar is mainly for Human Lean Muscles Growth,Winstrol is mainly for Human Bulk Muscles Growth.

4.For instance, if the bodybuilder has a 12%+ body fat range, and he is looking to slim down a little bit, then anavar would be the best choice to lose a little fat and add some quality lean mass and strength. On the other hand, if the bodybuilder has less than 10% of body fat, and he is really looking for that grainy look, winstrol would be a good oral finisher.

legit anavar powder oxandrolone powder on sale

(1)winstrol vs Anavar 
Winstrol and Anavar are two of the most common oral anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) used today. They are so similar that many bodybuilders have a hard time choosing one over the other. In order to make the best choice, we will review the profiles of these steroids and see what benefits each of them can give the user.

(2) Winstrol vs. Anavar
It is possible to stack winstrol and anavar in the same cycle. For example, an anavar kick start and a winstrol finisher, and it’s certainly possible to stack them at the same time. However, due to the level of toxicity on the liver, it is not the best thing to do without liver support. If only one of these steroids has to be chosen for use, it would be a matter of the goals and body fat.

Now, if the athlete is doing a longer cycle and could incorporate both of these steroids, it is recommended to do the following: use anavar at 50mgs/ED for 6 weeks to kick start the cycle and winstrol 50mgs/ED for 6 weeks to end the cycle.

Using anavar in the start makes sense because it is extremely fast acting, and it will yield quick strength with solid size and limited sides. Moreover, accompanied by a good diet and training anavar will help drop some of that body fat, assuming the user is cutting, which would then make the last 6 weeks of winstrol shine even more.

When you end your cycle with stanozolol, it will really harden and dry you up, and if your body fat is low enough, you will experience that grainy hard appearance.

order winstrol powder stanozolol powder online

Another reason it is recommended to choose this order is because of the side effects of both compounds. Winstrol is certainly a little harsher, and nobody wants to start a cycle with possible joint pain. Either way, both of these compounds have numerous similarities in their pros and cons.

Ultimately, there is no wrong choice, especially if you know the Anavar you are getting is legit. From either of these compounds the user can expect strength, hardening, vascularity, and even some lean mass. Remember, these are still anabolic steroids and when used they will require proper supports, as well as a post cycle therapy.