Nolvadex Vs.Toremifene citrate

Toremifene Citrate Vs. Nolvadex for PCT, Which one should u use?
In a nutshell, Toremifene and Nolvadex  are both effective SERMS you can use for your post cycle therapy. But, Nolva or Nolvadex is your best and safest choice.
Nolva is readily accessible and more inexpensive so you can get a hold of it anytime, but you will need a prescription. It’s been around longer than toremifene so more studies and feedbacks are available at your disposal. Aside from that, you’ll get to retain more muscle tissue and endurance.
Many users agree that Nolva is more effective for PCT as its anti-estrogen capacity is higher, cholesterol levels are kept at a healthy range and gives your testosterone production a boost especially as your body is in a low testosterone condition after running anabolic steroids and prohormones.
Most importantly, the possible side effects of Nolva are better tolerated by many as compared to toremifene. At most times, side effects are little or none at all.
What’s your preferred SERM for PCT? Toremifine or Nolvadex?

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What Are The Benefits of Toremifene citrate?
Blocks the effects of excess estrogen
Prevents gynecomastia (development of “man boobs”)
Increases libido
Supports LDL cholesterol and production of HDL cholesterol

What are the dosages Of Fareston?
Toremifene is normally dosed at 30 to 60mg a day.

What are the benefits of Nolvadex?
Estrogen blocker
Boosts natural testosterone production
Lesser risk of developing “gyno”
Promotes liver health

What are the dosages of Nolvadex?
For PCT use, Nolvadex is usually dosed at 40mg a day for a few weeks, then reduced to 20mg a day for the succeeding weeks and at 10mg a day for the last week. The end of your cycle is determined when you start your Nolva therapy.
Note: As always, seek your doctor’s advice before taking Nolva to ensure it’s safe for use and it won’t affect any medical conditions you may have.

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How to make Nolvadex & Fareston powder into oral capsules?

Receipes for making Nolvadex powder into oral capsules
Nolvadex dose:40mg capsule filling tools:02# / 100mg/capsule
100mg/capsule – Nolvadex 40mg/dose=60mg/dose corn starch powder
Nolvadex 40mg/dose : 60mg/dose corn starch=2:3
100g Nolvadex powder : 150g corn starch powder=2:3
100g+150g=250g 250g=250,000mg
250,000mg ÷ 100mg/capsule=2500 capsules

Receipes for making Toremifene Citrate powder into oral capsules
Toremifene Citrate dose:60mg capsule filling tools:02# / 100mg/capsule
100mg/capsule – Toremifene Citrate 60mg/dose=40mg/dose corn starch powder
Toremifene Citrate 60mg/dose : 40mg/dose corn starch=3:2
150g Nolvadex powder : 100g corn starch powder=3:2
150g+100g=250g 250g=250,000mg
250,000mg ÷ 100mg/capsule=2500 capsules





Carrier oils With Raw Steroids Powders Source In

What are the powder steroids  carrier oils do we have?
Benzyl alcohol(BB)
Benzyl Benzoate(BB)
medium chain triglyceride(MCT oils)
Ethyl Oleate(EO Oils)
safflower oils
sesame oils
Ps80(Polysorbate 80)

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which steroids carrier oils would be the best for making injectable steroids oils ? which carrier oils could be used for making oral steroids powder into injectable steroids oils? for Benzyl alcohol,Benzyl Benzoate,all these 2 carrier oils are very popular in all the injectable steroids oils. for MCT oils,Ethyl Oleate,grape seed oils,safflower oils,sesame oils,all these carrier oils have the similar effects with steroids solvents,while they still have some different characteristics in injectable steroids oils;after u add MCT oils into your steroids powder mixes oils,u will feel much more cool when u inject it.
Ethyl oleate,Grape seed oils,safflower oils,sesame oils still could be used for steroids powder lubricants,solvents;while their Dissolved effects will be not stronger than MCT oils.

oil based testosterone base 50mg/ml for guaiacol,it is mainly used for making oral steroids powder into oils steroids solutions,such as oil based Dianabol oils 50mg/ml,oil based Winstrol oils 50mg/ml,oil based Anavar oils 20mg/ml,oil based Anadrol oils 50mg/ml,oil based Testosterone Base 50mg. for Polysorbate 80,it is mainly used for making oral steroids powder into water based suspensions,such as water based Testosterone Suspensions 100mg/ml ,water based Anavar suspensions 25mg/ml, water based Winstrol Suspensions 50mg/ml.

Vacuum filter machine pumped







Masteron Propionate Vs. Masteron Enanthate

Compare Masteron Propionate With Masteron Enanthate
all these 2 products could be made into pure unifnished steroids oils,one is for 200mg/ml(Masteron Enanthate),another is for Masteron Propionate 150mg/ml.while Masteron Enanthate Ester would be more longer than Masteron Propionate after u have a period of a cycle.if u wanna gain muscles in a shortly cycles,u could consider to use masteron enanthate,if u wanna gain muscles in a more stable and longer cycles,u could consider to use Masteron Enanthate. to make Masteron Enanthate Powder,Masteron propionate Powder into half-finished steroids oils?
receipes for making Masteron Propionate 100mg/ml 1L
Masteron Propionate 100g
Ethyl oleate/MCT oils:half of the rest.
Grape seed oils:half of the rest.

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receipes for making Masteron Enanthate 200mg/ml 1L
Masteron Enanthate 100g
Ethyl oleate/MCT oils:half of the rest.
Grape seed oils:half of the rest.
(when u begin to make this powder into unifnished steroids oils,the temperature should be controlled well)

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3.What are the Detection Times and Half Life of Masteron Propionate and Masteron Enanthate?
The detection time for masteron propionate is 3 weeks with a 3-4 day half life. For masteron enanthate, the half life is about 8-10 days,
and the detection time is up to a whopping 3 months. Those who will be tested should always choose propionate and stop at least 3 weeks
before testing. Recently, a well known MMA athlete, Anderson Silva, was busted for masteron.

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4.What are the Masteron Stacks?
Masteron can be used as the sole injectable: in this case, I prefer to see dosing of 500-700 mg/week. A Masteron/Dianabol stack is more effective however, as is a Masteron/Anadrol stack. Testosterone also combines well with Masteron.Another use of Masteron which has become more common lately is combination with trenbolone. Unlike combination with Dianabol or Anadrol,there is only an additive effect, not a synergistic effect. However, including Masteron allows a lower trenbolone dosage while achieving very similar or equal physique benefit with less potential for trenbolone-specific side effects of night-sweats, increased tendency to aggression, and/or insomnia.
Masteron also is useful in combination with testosterone for self-prescribed hormone-replacement therapy (HRT). For example, 100 mg/week each of Masteron and testosterone can be superior for physique benefits to 200 mg/week testosterone alon.

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Methenolone Acetate Vs. Methenolone Enanthate / Primobolan Vs.Primobolan Depot

Primobolan Acetate Vs. Primobolan Enanthate  / Primobolan Acetate Vs. Primobolan Enanthate

Compare Primobolan Acetate with Primobolan Enanthate,which one could gain muscle fastly?

which one could gain muscles in powerfully and stablely?

all these 2 products could be used for gaining human lean muscles,

while Primobolan Acetate would be more faster than Primobolan Enanthate for human muscles growth;

but if u wanna gain muscles in powerfully and stablely,Primobolan Enanthate would be more better than Primobolan Acetate.

What is Primobolan(Primobolan Acetate)?
Primobolan is a Dihydrostestosterone (DHT) derivative, landing it in the family of DHT-derivatives and analogues. Primo is a modified form of DHT, where it contains a double-bond between carbon atoms 1 and 2 in the Dihydrotestosterone structure. This is known to assist in the stabilization of the 3-keto group which in turn increases the anabolic strength of the hormone. A 1-methyl group is also added to the hormone, which is responsible for allowing the hormone to resist hepatic (liver) metabolism and breakdown.

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What are the dosages and cycles for Primobolan Acetate?
Oral Primobolan dosages begin in the range of 50–100mg per day for beginners, 100-150mg per day for intermediates, and 150–200mg for advanced users. Female oral Primobolan dosages are usually recommended to be within the range of 50-70mg per day, and should present little risk of virilization.
Oral Primobolan should be administered once per day with no requirement to split up dosages throughout the day, as its half-life is about
2 –3 days. Injectable Primobolan exhibits a half-life of 7–10 days due to the Enanthate ester, and should be administered twice per week, with each injection spaced evenly apart, in order to maintain stable and steady blood plasma levels.

how to make primobolan acetate powder into oral capsules?
Receipes for making Primobolan(Methenolone Acetate) powder into oral capsules
Primobolan Acetate 300g Primobolan Acetate dose:30mg/dose
03# capsule filling tools 50mg/capsule
50mg/capsule – 30mg/dose Primobolan Acetate=20mg/dose corn starch powder
30mg/dose Primobolan Acetate : 20mg/dose corn starch powder=3:2
300g Primobolan Acetate : 200g corn starch powder=3:2
300g Primobolan Acetate + 200g corn starch powder=500g Mixes powder
500g Mixes powder=500,000mg 500,000mg ÷ 50mg/capsule=10,000 capsules Primobolan Acetate

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What is Methenolone Enanthate(Primobolan depot)?
Methenolone enanthate–anabolic, modified dihydrotestosterone. It is characterized by the addition of a double bond between carbons 1 and 2, which helps to stabilize the 3-keto group and anabolic increases, the addition of 1-methyl group that protects against steroid metabolism in the liver. In use Primobolan depot enantatny ester attached to methenolone through 17-beta hydroxyl group (17b-hydroxy-1-methyl-5a-androst-1-en-3-one), the chemical formula C20H30O2. Esterified steroids are not as polar as free, they are absorbed less quickly from the injection site. Once in the bloodstream, and the ether is cleaved in the blood is free methenolone. The development objective of esterified steroids were an extension of the therapeutic effect after the injection, injection is not able to exercise as often when compared with injections of steroids available. Enantatny ester is used to slow the absorption. Methenolone enanthate absorbed into the blood for a couple of weeks. Methenolone – a mild anabolic steroid, it has low androgenic, no estrogen. It is believed that the anabolic effect had slightly less than that of nandrolone. In cases where it is necessary to increase the amount of muscle and increase dryness on drying, it is advisable to apply the active drug.

What are the methenolone enanthate(Primobolan depot) dosages for men and women?
Admission for men
maximum dose of 200mg daily. Standratnaya dose for improving body – 400-600 mg per day for 6-12 weeks.

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Reception for Women
For women, there are restrictions when taking Primobolan. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and immediately before conception. Athlete may be used in 50-100mg without signs of virilization. Should not expect instantaneous weight gain, it will be a slow but steady. Some women are recommended to take in combination with primabolan Turinabol (10 mg daily) or oxandrolone (10-20mg per day), to increase the effectiveness of the course. Then we must be sure that the total dose will not be very high.

How to make primobolan depot powder into injectable steroids oils?
Primobolan depot 100mg/ml   1L
Primobolan Enanthate 100g
Ethyl Oleate:half of the rest.  (50/50)
MCT Oils/Grape seed oils:half of the rest.(50/50)

how to make oral steroids powders into oral pill tablets perfectly?

how to make Oral Anavar  powder Oxandrolone  into oral tablets? to make anavar powder 100g into oral pills?

Anavar doses:10mg/dose one pill/225mg

100g anavar=100,000mg    100,000mg ÷ 10mg/dose=10000pills

one pill/225mg      225mg/pill* 10000 pills=2250g=2.25kgs

mixes powder 2250g

Anavar powder 100g

Microcrystalline cellulose powder:1600g (40%)

Magnesium stearate powder:40g (1%)

corn starch powder:510g

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Step 1:
u need to prepare a sterile container,then u need to mix anavar powder 100g,Microcrystalline cellulose powder 1600g,
Magnesium stearate powder 40g,corn starch powder 510g together.

Step 2:
shake the mixes substances on average(anavar powder 100g+Microcrystalline cellulose powder 1600g+Magnesium stearate powder
40g+corn starch powder 510g).

Step 3:
after u mixes all these powders well,then u need to use VB mixer machine to mix all these powders
into same fine particles.

Step 4:
then u could use pill tablets machine and tablet molds to make the oral pills that u want.

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2. do we have any other excipients raw materials to make pill tablets?

yes,we have.if u do not wanna use Microcrystalline cellulose powder,Magnesium stearate powder,

corn starch powder to make pills tablets.

u still could consider to use Microcrystalline cellulose powder, magnesium stearate powder, Silica Di Oxide powder and Di-calicum Phosphate

powder to make the oral pills tablets,the effects would be still perfect to oral.

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3.what pills tablets machine types do we have?

pills tablets machine TDP 1.5T

pills tablets machine TDP 5T

Automatic rotary tablets machine