Pill tablets blister Process

How to make oral powders into oral pill tablets blisters?

1. If u are going to make oral raw powders into oral pill tablet blisters,
what ancillary raw powders do u need?
(1)Oral powders (oral steroids powders,oral SARMs powders,oral prohormone powders,oral fat burner powders)
(2) corn starch powder
(3)Microcrystalline cellulose
(4)magnesium stearate
(5)Silica Di Oxide
(6)Di-calicum Phosphate

2. when u are going to produce oral raw powders into oral blister pills,what ancillary tools
do u need?
1.powder mixer machines( process different powders of different densities)
2. Pill tablets machines/Manual pill tablets machines(process oral powders into oral pill tablets)
3.Blister plastic shell ( it is used for containing pill tablets)
4.DPH-90 pill tablet blister machine(it is used for processing oral pill tablets into
oral pill tablets blisters)
5. pill tablets blister samples or AI design.


How to use oral pill tablets blister machines?


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