New Oral Pill tablets Recipes Are Coming!

when we wanna convert oral steroids(SARMs,fat burners) powders into oral pill tablets,
what do we need to prepare? how to produce the pill tablets?

Re: let we check an example

Anadrol powder —100g Dosages—50mg/dose

what pills tools do we need?
(1) pill tablets machines (TDP-0T,TDP-1.5T,TDP-5T)
(2) Powder mixer machines(each product’s density are different,powder mixer machine can help)
(3) pill dye powder(it can change pill tablets colour)

How to covert anadrol powder 100g into oral pill tablets?
(1)Anadrol powder 100g
(2)Microcrystalline cellulose
(3)Magnesium stearate
(4)Di-calicum Phosphate
(5)Silica Di Oxide

1 pill tablet will contain Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, Silica Di Oxide and Di-calicum Phosphate. These ingredients contain all the necessary characteristics to produce an effective and high-quality pill.
it removes the stress of researching and developing a formula that will produce desired results, saving you time and energy for exacting the final ingredients of your next formula. Here’s what you can expect from these ingredients
High flowability
Strong bonding properties
Liquid absorption
Effective Filler

do we still provide another pills recipes to convert?
Re:yeah,pls check the following recipes
recipes formula:
(1)Anadrol powder 100g
(2)Microcrystalline cellulose
(3)Magnesium stearate
(4)corn starch powder

the detailed recipes ratios,please be free to email us at or whatsapp at +8613302972905.




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