MCT oil


introduction to MCT(medium chain triglyceride)oil
Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) A saturated fatty acid, both long chain triglycerides (LCT) common, but also has its own characteristics. Medium chain triglycerides are composed only of saturated fatty acids, low freezing point, liquid at room temperature, low viscosity.
Fatty acids are divided into short chain, medium chain and long chain according to the length of carbon chain. Generally, fatty acids containing 8 to 12 carbon atoms are called medium chain fatty acid (MCFA), which is esterified by glycerol Generation of medium chain fatty acid triglycerides (or medium chain triglycerides, MCT). Typical MCT refers to a mixture of saturated octanoic acid triglycerides or saturated decanoic acid triglycerides or saturated octanoic acid-capric acid.
Medium chain triglycerides are composed only of saturated fatty acids, low freezing point, liquid at room temperature, low viscosity. Compared with soybean oil, it is completely odorless, colorless transparent liquid. Compared with ordinary grease and hydrogenated fat, medium chain triglyceride unsaturated fatty acid content is very low, the oxidation stability is very good, the iodine value does not exceed 0.5. MCT is particularly stable at high temperatures and low temperatures.
MCT oil applications
In the food additive industry, medium chain triglycerides can be used as edible flavor and pigment solvent and carrier; in the baking food processing, medium chain triglycerides often and cheap vegetable oil together, used as anti-blocking agent to prevent baking Food in the pot or mold; pure medium chain triglycerides or mixed with vegetable oil is also commonly used as sausage stamping lubricant and release agent; medium chain triglycerides can also be used to deal with a variety of fat Vitamins, pigments and antioxidants, the addition of a small amount of medium chain triglycerides, the viscosity of high-viscosity fatty substances will be greatly reduced; in the food processing industry also used in the chain of triglycerides instead of easily oxidized milk, used to make Milk and wine and imitation; if combined with water-soluble colloids, medium-chain triglycerides can also be used as a beverage for turbidants. In addition, medium chain triglycerides can also replace mineral oil as food processing machinery lubricants.
Patient food,Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) can usually be used as a special food for post-operative, infected and skin burn patients, and for foods that suffer from poor fat absorption, AIDS and cancer patients, and diabetics, for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, Dissipate gallstones, lower cholesterol, prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and so on. In addition can also help to lose weight, practice has proved that consumption of medium-chain fatty acid ester MCT on the body’s weight, abdominal fat area reduction, waist circumference reduction, have a significant effect.
Feed additives,Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are widely used in poultry and livestock because of their high energy and easy absorption. Feed added medium chain triglycerides, piglets weight gain, sow milk water stable, hens lay eggs improved. In addition, the chain of triglycerides also improve the effectiveness of poultry and livestock disease resistance and other effects.

How does MCT oil work?
MCTs are a fat source for patients who cannot tolerate other types of fats. Researchers also think that these fats produce chemicals in the body that might help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the potential benefits of MCT oils?

Numerous claims persist about the potential health benefits of MCT oils. Below are some of the most common

Improved cognition
Some proponents believe that MCTs can benefit cognitive health, particularly by preventing dementia. According to the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), the supplements have shown some benefits in animal studies in terms of improved brain and memory function. To date, no human studies have supported these claims.
The ADDF also reports that two clinical studies on MCT oil for dementia patients have indicated short-term benefits. Some proponents claim that the improved cognitive effects can help anxiety and depression, but supporting evidence is lacking.

Alzheimer’s disease
According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, some adults with this form of dementia have used coconut oil for its MCTs as an alternative to the more expensive conventional drug Axona (caprylidene). However, there has so far been no evidence that MCT oils actually work for Alzheimer’s.

Boosted energy
Some marketers claim that MCT oils may increase your overall energy levels. This is thought to be related to the high absorption of MCTs by your body. While you might notice some temporary energy boost from MCT oil, it’s not considered a cure for conditions that cause low energy, such as chronic fatigue or hypothyroidism.

Weight management
There are also claims that MCT oils could aid weight loss and weight management. According to Nutrition Review, MCTs can promote thermogenesis, which boosts the body’s metabolism and subsequent fat-burning abilities. Unlike other fats, MCT oils are also considered to be lower in calories.They may purportedly curb your appetite, too. While MCT oils might help promote a healthy and active lifestyle, there’s no evidence that these products can cause weight loss on their own. Furthermore, while MCT oils could benefit overall weight management, the potential risk for heart disease from large doses might outweigh any such benefits. Adding extra fat and calories to the diet results in weight gain.

A source of dietary fats
Although MCT oils lack evidence for treating or preventing certain disease, there is evidence that replacing other dietary fats in the diet with MCT oils could have some cardiovascular benefits. This includes using MCT oil instead of olive oil. The downside is that you can’t use MCT oil as a cooking oil because it has a low smoke point. This is different from solid coconut oil.