Oil Based Testosterone Base Oil Solution 100mg/ml

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Chemical Properties of Testosterone Base
Product Name:Testosterone base;Testosterone No Esters;
CAS Number:58-22-0
Melting point:152-156℃
Boiling point:432.9℃ at 760 mmHg
Molecular formula:C19H28O2
Molecular weight:288.431 g·mol−1
Half Life: 2–4 hours (some reports as long as 39 hours)
Detection Time: 1–3 days
Anabolic Rating: 100
Androgenic Rating: 100

How to make Testosterone Base Raw Powder into Testosterone base oil solution 100mg/ml?
Recipes formula
Testosterone base oil solution 100mg/ml 1000ml
Testosterone base powder—100g(≈75ML)
Grape seed oils/MCT oils/Sesame oils

How to make Testosterone base powder into water based Testosterone suspensions 50mg/ml?
Water based Testosterone Suspensions 50mg/ml 1000ml
Testosterone base powder—50g(≈37.5ML)
BB or PEG-400
Sterile water or distilled water

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