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Product name                               Droperidol
CAS No. 548-73-2 Outer Packing 100G/aluminum foil bag
Standard adopted                                     EP
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance white to light tan , amorphous or microcrystalline power white microcrystalline power
solubility pracitically slouble in water,freely slouble in chlorform;slightly soluble in alcohol and in ether conforms
identification UV UV sepctrum corresponds to the UV spectrum of the reference standard conforms
identification IR  IR sepectrum corresponds to the IR sepctrum of the reference standard conforms
melting point about 145.0℃ 145.4℃
loss on drying NMT 5.0% 1.43%
residue on ignition NMT 0.2% 0.05%
heavy metals NMT 20ppm conforms
individual impurity NMT 1.0% 0.14%
total impurities NMT 2.0% 0.76%
limit of 4,4′-bis[1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-4-(2-oxo-1-benzimidazolinyl)-1-pyridyl]butyrophenone A330nm NMT 0.7(NMT 1.5%) 0.060
dichlormrthane NMT 600ppm Not deleceed
toluene NMT 890ppm Not deleceed
xylene NMT 2170ppm Not deleceed
methabol NMT 3000ppm Not deleceed
alcohol NMT 5000ppm 280ppm
acetic ether NMT 5000ppm 2200ppm
assay 99.0%~102.0% 99.76%
Conclusion                                Qualified



Simple introductions of Droperidol Powder
Product Name:Droperidol
Synonym:Droperidol; Dehydrobenzperidol; Dridol; Droleptan;
Appearance:white microcrystalline power
Product Purity:99.76%
Molecular formula:C22H22FN3O2
Molecular weight:379.43
Melting point:145.4℃
Density‎:1.3±0.1 g/cm3
Boiling Point‎: ‎616.4±65.0℃ at 760 mmHg
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What is Droperidol Used For?
Droperidol is clinically used to treat acute episodes of schizophrenia, aggression in patients with epilepsy, autism, and mood disorders in patients with brain injury.

Dosages of Droperidol
Droperidol is used to control the excitatory agitation of acute psychosis, intramuscular injection: 5~10mg / day. For nerve stability and analgesia, 5mg plus 0.1mg fentanyl, slowly intravenously within 2 to 3 minutes.