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Simple introductions of Trenbolone Base
Product Name:Trenbolone base
CAS Number:10161-33-8
Molecular formula:C18H22O2
Molecular weight:170
Melting Point (base):183-186℃

Recipes formula for cooking Trenbolone Base Powder into water based trenbolone suspensions 50mg/ml
water based Trenbolone suspensions 50mg/ml 1000ML
Trenbolone base powder 50g(≈37.5ML)
MCT oils( or ethyl oleate+grape seed oils)

What is water based Trenbolone suspension?
Trenbolone suspension is manufactured by our homebrew lab and is the suspension of trenbolone.
The best part of this drug is that it could be used as a solo.
It means Trenbolone suspension has the capability to give a unique set of dry muscle mass without any combination with other drugs.

Trenbolone Suspension Dosage/ Cycles
Based on the overall potency possessed by this product,
its cycle length ranges between 6-8 weeks.
Compared to other similar varieties such as trenbolone enanthate,
the dosages of Trenbolone Suspension are lower largely due to its higher concentration.
Generally, its dosage guidelines are as follows

Beginner: 200-300mg per week

Intermediate User: 300-500mg per week

Advanced user: 500-600mg per week

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